The Day in December

The day my world shattered

I spent my childhood sketching wedding dresses and dreaming up my future. By 29 years old, I was living the life my nine year old self had planned. And then in an instant, with two small words, life as I knew it was over. My husband was gone and he's never coming back. I live each day navigating the aftermath of loss, the real, the raw, the ugly and the bittersweet.


Our Song

On November 14, 2015 our life together became official. A sun in the sky, frost on the ground, see your breath in the air, perfect Fall...

The Season We're In

Fall is my favorite season. And, In unpopular opinion, I am a fan of a New England winter, too. I’m a sucker for beach days and sunsets...

I Miss the Me I Thought I'd Be

I miss the me I thought I’d be. Can you miss someone you don’t exactly know? Someone you didn’t meet yet? The short answer is, yes. Let...

A Year in Review

My heart was as heavy as the rain drops. Their relentless, steady flow was familiar. The ache in my chest a parallel. They didn’t stop...


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